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When Buying Your Dream Car We Can Help Look Under the Hood.

Have you found that perfect vechicle that you've dream of since you were a teenager? It's got that perfect paint job, a great interior, sweet chrome and amazing curves. At Lund we've learned by experience that what's inside can be much more important and potentially expensive then the outside. When considering buying a vintage or custom vehicle its important to make sure the engine and transmissions are good working order and not needing major repairs including the need for expensive hard to find parts. Plus for your safety the vehicles brakes and electrical systems should be throughly inspected. At Lund Automotive Service and Repair are committed to ensuring your dream car isn't a nightmare.

Whether your project is a family heirloom, a weekend hobby or you are restoring a vehicle as an investment, we can help you locate, restore, repair, upgrade and install items on your Muscle car, Antique, Vintage or Classic Car, even those totally Custom Show Machines.  If you are just starting a project or have been running your car for awhile and need repairs or upgrades, let our experienced team help you get your engine running.

Services including:

  • Engine and Transmission
  • Electrical
  • Brakes
  • Custom Exhaust
  • Performance Exhaust
  • Lifts/Lowering
  • Wheels, Tires, etc.


Lund Automotive Service & Repair
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